31 May 2016
Removal Quote - Reading between the Lines
Removal Quote - Reading between the Lines

When you are looking for the best removals company for your house or office move, one of the most important things to examine is their quote. This is a real case of reading between the lines, to find out just what is included, what service you’re paying for and any hidden extras you might get on your final bill. It’s all about weighing up price versus service, to ensure you’re getting the best of both.

Here are five key things to look out for within the quote, to ensure you can compare like with like on an even playing field. To make sure you’re hiring the best moving firm at the right price, get between three and five removals companies, each of whom should have visited your home to full assess your needs.

Clarity – a quote should be simple to understand. Be a little extra wary if there are heaps of disclaimers, legal speke and complex paragraphs. This is NOT rocket science. If you find yourself wading through page after page, of incomprehensible jargon, chances are something could be hidden in there. Good companies will give you a straightforward, no nonsense breakdown of their pricing and what you will actually pay.

What’s included – this is important to ensure you are truly comparing quotes. So, check what packaging materials are thrown in, whether there is a mileage allowance, how many men you are allocated and – most importantly – VAT is included in the price. If it’s not, you’ll need to add on an extra 20%.

Personalisation – provided the removals firm has come to look at your home and assess the volume of your goods to be moved, the quote should be personal to your circumstances. Some companies, especially the major chains, like to offer you a “package” , whereby you are pigeon holed into a vague range, a platinum or gold package. This really is down to a number of rooms and an average. Far better is when all your contents have been surveyed and the quote is very specific. You won’t be paying more than you need to. The same goes for service. Everyone likes the personal touch, whereby you don’t just feel like another number. Where you feel you’ll get the very best service, with everyone pulling for you, as an individual.

Hidden extra charges – this is a vital thing to look out for. Sometimes, in the small print, are some nasty little clauses to catch you out. It could be that if the move runs over an allocated number of hours, you end up paying a massive extra premium. If the access in your new home is tricky, there’s more to pay. If boxes need transporting over stair cases, you’ll face more charges. Most people want an all inclusive price, no hidden extras. No nasty surprises in your final invoice.

Insurance – This is one of the key, vital make or break things to watch out for. Your removals firm must be fully insured against any breakage, damage or theft in transit. Check to what level, financially, they are covered. This figure should give you absolute peace of mind that every valuable is protected. You shouldn’t have to pay any kind of waiver or minimum amount. Some chains will only cover items broken that THEY have packed: really watch out for this!

They also need insurance against any injury to the moving crew; again this cannot be your personal liability as it can run into hundreds of thousands in legal and medical expenses. If you are self moving or using a man with a van service, you may need to arrange both types of insurance yourself.

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