31 May 2016
The Advantages of SW3 Man and Van Hire
The Advantages of SW3 Man and Van Hire

When you are coming to terms with the move process in SW3, everything can be really quite scary, and while you will likely have no idea where to start with anything, the decision as to how to transport your items can result in some serious sleepless nights! We’ll run down a few reasons to go for the more humble way to move, the lowly Man and Van, found skulking around on the Internet or in your local ad pages!

So, without further ado, the advantages of man and van hire in SW3 are…

1. Price. If you are even considering man and van hire, then it is most likely that you do not have a massive amount of stuff to move, so using a smaller SW3 removals service can be much more effective and useful. It is pointless to spend the money on the labour of a few men and a large truck if you can do most of the work yourself with the help of the driver. With this in mind, be sure to get a few quotes so that you can see a decent cross section of prices for your job. When you phone the man with the van, mention exactly what and how much you need to get moved, and they should be able to tell you if they can do the job. To save time, look in to how big the van is in the advert if it says so, and make sure that it is the right size for your items beforehand.

2. Speed. You can often get a man with a van round within the hour. In London in particular, there will be hundreds of van men ready to do your bidding, but booking a larger removals company SW3will take quite a lot of planning, booking and signing of contracts, which is less than helpful if you need things done right away. Getting the right quote from a ban man may take a little time, but given the amount of men available, then it is rare that you will be pushed to find someone willing to do your job if you have money to spend. Ring up your local rehearsal studio, or furniture company to see if they have people that they use on a regular basis, and see if they can give you a decent quote, as there people who get regular work may be able to give you a decent price, and you know that they will be there on time!

3. The help that you actually need. There is no point in having seven men giving you a hand with a couple of book cases and a bed, but if you are on your own, then you will probably need at least one person to help you. In this instance, a man with a van is your best bet. They will be used to doing a little heavy lifting, but won’t charge a premium for their expertise.

4. Knowledge. Van men will be great at avoiding traffic, and will know your area like the back of their hand, whilst some larger companies will be based further away and will not be as used to the area. If you are using a van man, then you can expect to be driven in a professional manner, by someone who has the local knowledge that will get you to your new place safely and on time.

With all this advice, it seems that a SW3 man with a van is the way to go if you are doing a small move and won’t require a large team or vehicle.

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